Sunday, May 29, 2016

Week 005 - 5/28/16

The Money Pit - The Money Pit
Release Date: August 4th, 2015
Genre: Pop Rock/Indie Rock
Price: $8.00
For Fans Of: Highly Suspect, Gatsby's American Dream, The Districts, Walk The Moon
Recommended Tracks: Big Blue Waves, Control Everything, The Destroyer, No Problemo, Frustrated Inc.
One of the many side projects of the punk collective Gatsby's American Dream, The Money Pit is a fun pop rock record that uses simplicity as its strong suite. Catchy hooks and smooth vocals serenade this record for a fun, bold, and kick ass rock record. 

Cult Favorite - For Madmen Only
Release Date: March 5th, 2013
Genre: Hip Hop
Price: $10.00
For Fans Of: Elucid, Cannibal Ox, Armand Hammer
Recommended Tracks: Peoples' Temple, Omega3, God Body, For All Of These Birds, Then He Rose
Cult Favorite is a collaborative project between MC Elucide and producer A.M. Breakups. Breakups' production finds clarity in darkness through heavy, sinister beats that meddle with glitchy kicks, distortions, and eerie synthwork while Elucid's angry tone gives off a demanding and bold presentation that comes togehter for an excellent hip hop project. 
Todd - With Love... From Me To You
Release Date: 1979
Genre: Outsider Music/Pop
Price: $3.00
For Fans Of: Daniel Johnson
Recommended Tracks: Alone, Love Lost, Before It's Too Late, With love From Me To Yo, The End of the Rainbow, How Will I Make It On My Own
There is surprisingly quite the mythos surrounding this record. Originally recorded at an unknown time in 1979, this record sold out en mass at Mr. Todd's Highschool dance when given a shout out by the designated prom king. Of course, this myth is more or less false and this record was long forgotten before the music blog Swan Fungus discovered it abandoned in a record shop. What With Love... is, is a singer/songwriter record that despite the lesser than sharp musical skills of Todd, is a genuine and sweet love record that makes it a fine slice of outsider music. If you're comfortable with stepping outside the boundries of conventional songwriting and give this one a look, you may just be captured by the sweetness. 

Get Bent - Discography
Release Date: August 28th, 2015
Genre: Pop Punk
Price: $9.00
For Fans Of: Latterman, Iron Chic, The State Lottery
Recommended Tracks: Forest Ave, City, Stack and Shifted, Face Mush, To A Buddy At War, On Excuses
Perhaps the most punk pop punk record you will ever hear. Get Bent's discography is an 11 track ball of energy with amazing guitar leads and groovy basswork that complement the rough gruff of lead vocalist and the catchy chant vocals that accompany it. A great, short record worth checking out. 

Time To Burn - Is.Land
Release Date: November 1st, 2007
Genre: Hardcore/Post-Metal
Price: FREE
For Fans Of: Envy, Neurosis, Dystopia
Recommended Tracks: Nayell, Tormenta, Isle of Man, Sang, Green, land
Incredibly bitter, twisted hardcore music for a bitter, twisted world. Is.Land takes pessimism to the extreme with songwriting that annihilates all positivity and packs a punch with unstoppable anger. Noise and fuzz create a thick, suffocating atmosphere that reverberates the huge riffs that explore anywhere from post rock to doom metal in a varied, punishing onslaught of heavy noise. If you're having a bad day, treat yourself to this. 

Monday, May 23, 2016

Week 005 - 5/23/16

Clap! Clap! - Tayi Bebba
Release Date: Sepetember 8th, 2014
Genre: Electronic/UK Bass/Tribal
Price: £7 ($10.14)
For Fans Of: N/A
Recommended Tracks: The Holy Cave, Ashiko, Black Smokes, Conqueror Trilogy, Burbuka, Kwasis Storm, Kuj Yato
Clap! Clap! is an interesting fellow. Hailing from Italy, Crisci knows how to produce electronic music that blends in the element of African tribal music without feeling like a gimmick. Tayi Bebba is a 17 track party that hits low with bass blasts over hollow percussion and crazy rythm leads with a fine collection of native chants and enviromental sampling to keep the tribal theme engaging. Production here is fire, exploring various styles of electronic music from dubstep to bigroom and liquid... whatever, and it all sounds interesting when put under a cultural lens. Just a fun, tasteful electronic album for those who want to try something new.

Vundabar - Gawk
Release Date: July 24th, 2015
Genre: Garage Rock
Price: $7.00
For Fans Of: Arctic Monkeys, Modest Mouse, Blur, Surfer Blood, The Districts
Recommended Tracks: Oulala, Cotton Kid, Darla, Bust, Desert Diddy, Smile Boyo
Hard to define garage rock from Massachusetts. It has the hard hitting riffs, but it also has blissful guitar leads and falsetto that contrast that fuzzy, hard hitting riffs perfectly. Crunchy fun with catchy hooks and addictive vocals.

Elohim - Elohim
Release Date: May 20th, 2016
Genre: Pop
Price: $5.00
For Fans Of: Carly Rae Jepsen, Kate Boy, Fuck Buttons
Recommended Tracks: Sensations, She Talks Too Much, Xanax, Pigments, All That Gold
The breakout EP of vocalist, songwriter, and producer Elohim; who happens to share her name with God himself. Her lyrics inspire power through the relatibility of insecurity and anxiety, while each song here are fun (and excellently produced) pop shells, they go beyond that, each song is a delicate coping passage that keeps things real with their human elements of insecurity becoming overwhelming. Top that with wonky, fun production and cutesy vocals, and you get an excellent EP from an artist who deserves to remain on your radar.

◯ - Black Sea Of Trees
Release Date: September 11th, 2012
Genre: Ambient/Post Rock/Sludge
Price: Free
For Fans Of:
Recommended Tracks: Jesus Belongs to Ghost, Sea of Trees, First Monologue, Waiting for the Sun
"The most hardcore ambient album", as a random fellow on the internet describes it. Black Sea of Trees is an ambient, post-rock record with slight elements of sludge metal sprinkled inbetween its crescendos. The sound of the record is very attuned with nature, as many of the tracks borrow noise from nature or from objects such as birds and windchimes to build a peacful atmosphere before colliding with heavy, fuzzy noise walls and peaceful post rock outros that vaguely have just enough depressive chords to sound disturbed. Quite a beautiful, chaotic record. 

Kubbi - Ember
Release Date: February 5th, 2015
Genre: Electro/Chiptune
Price: Free
For Fans Of: Chipzel, Sabrepulse, Kevin Vilecco,  Nitro Fun
Recommended Tracks: Ember, Cascade, Overworld, Restoration Formed by Glaciers
Do you like the bleep boop chiptune? Do you like them heavy electro riffs? Do you like guitar riffs, vocals, and peaceful progressive tracks? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Ember is for you. Fun chiptune passages that blend with electro elements for a fun, funky record.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Week 004 - 5/21/16

Mitski - Bury Me At Makeout Creek
Release Date: November 11th, 2014
Genre: Indie Rock
Price: $10.00
For Fans Of: Jeff Buckley, Julia Holter, Regina Spektor, Chelsea Wolfe
Recommended Tracks: Texas Reznikoff, Townie, First Love/Late Spring, I Don't Speak, I Will, Carry Me Out, Last Words
Bury Me At Makeout Creek is an absolutely gorgeous indie rock record that doesn't shy away from pop and noise rock sensibilities. Mitski's delicately spoken voice flows naturally through the fuzz of over bearing guitar leads and catchy melodies with the usual affair of love and the vaguely personal lines of opening up tinging in the lyrics. The moments that the album take to go over the edge in power are without a doubt my favorite aspects of the record, such as the climax of Carry Me Out. Great record.
Stream Here

 A Sunny Day In Glasgow - Sea When Absent
Release Date: June 24, 2014
Genre: Indie Pop/Shoegaze
Price: $9.00
For Fans Of: Asobi Seksu, Cocteau Twins, My Bloody Valentine
Recommended Tracks: In Love With Useless, Crushin', MTLOV,  Never Nothing, Golden Waves
A Sunny Day In Glasgow's fourth album was quite the anomoly of shoegaze. The genre had quite simply never seen a record as electronic and glossy and disruptive such as this one, and its what made it an amazing record. Electronic elements are harsh and butt through what should be straight forward shoegaze to make a very intricate and elegant sound. Beautiful vocals leviate through the glitchy, electronic buzz for an absolutely stunning record.
Stream Here

Living Hour - Living Hour
Release Date: Februrary 19th, 2016
Genre: Dream Pop
Price: $9.00
For Fans Of: Band of Horses, Asobi Seksu
Recommended Tracks: Seagull, Steady Glazed Eyes, There Is No Substance, Miss Emerald Green, Mind Goodbyes Feel Shy
Living Hour's debut LP is an absolute gem of a record. While the album begins with a familiar air typical of the genre, from the second track onward the album expands with an absolutely luscious sound of curious, hazy guitars and amazing vocals. I find myself sort of at a lost of words for how smooth this record is. So please do yourself a favor and check out a few of the recommended tracks. This record is difficult to explain perfectly, but do take a browse at the recommended tracks to understand why I say this record is amazing and unique.
Stream Here

First Fragment - Dasein
Release Date: May 20th, 2016
Genre: Tech Death
Price: $9.00
For Fans Of: Fleshgod Apocalypse, Spawn of Possession, Necrophagist
Recommended Tracks: Le Serment De Tsion, Dasein, Emergence, Archetype, Apotheose, Evhron
When was the last time you had fun with a tech death record? No, really, when was the last time? Dasein is a fine slice of Canadian tech death pie that takes the usual route in an alternative direction with one of the grooviest and most fun records in, dare I say it, the entire genre. Perhaps nothing on this record is as impressive as the bass work, which gives this album an undeniably catchy groove. Beyond there is a realm of multi layered guitar leads and rapid percussion that fill in the blanks for an absolutely insane record that screams fun while still being as serious as a metal record can be. Jam this one for a fun time.
Stream Here

We Are One - .T A K E M E U N D E R.
Release Date: February 14th, 2014
Genre: Pop Rock
Price: Free
For Fans Of: Paramore
Recommended Tracks: I Will, Shadows, Darling, Take Me Under
Take Me Under is a record that sounds like a lost classic from the 2000s pop rock heyday. Matter of fact, its a record that if released during the years of female fronted rock bands leading the alternative mainstream, it would quickly rise above as one of the best of the genre. Mixing elements of jazz and pop rock, a perfect blend is found dead center with a vocalist who's strong vocal reach and strain powers the smooth guitar leads and sax sections that dominate the soundscape. An absolute banger of a record, don't miss our your chance to snag a copy of it!
Stream Here

Monday, May 16, 2016

Week 004 - 5/16/16

Red Giant - Infinity
 Infinity cover art 
Release Date: May 16th, 2016
Genre: Trip Hop/Downtempo
Price: $5.00
For Fans Of: Massive Attack
Recommended Tracks: Infinity, Tears in the Rain, Salute, Open
Red Giant's brand new EP is an obvious extension of their previous effort, Drones, from last year. This time around Red Giant dabble in darker flavors of trip hop with voice samples being used more spasticly, harsher basslines, more expansive hip hop elements, and of course; dreamy vocals that feed power to the dark atmosphere. If you were a fan of their previous, you will without a doubt enjoy this six track powerhouse.
Listen Here

RX Bandits - ...And the Battle Began 
...And The Battle Begun cover art 
Release Date: October 10th, 2006
Genre: Progressive Rock/Ska
Price: $5.99
For Fans Of: Sublime, Grand Mexican Warlock, Solterra, Mutemath
Recommended Tracks: And The Battle Begun, In Her Drawer, Only For The Night, Apparition, Crushing Destroyer
An oldie but a goodie, ...And The Battle Began is an excellent prog rock record that introduces elements of ska through wind sections and the genre's signature off-beat syncopation for a hard hitting, fast moving record. There is plenty of sophistication in the band's chemistry that lends strength to the hard edge of lead vocalist Matt Embree, who's very distinct vocal style mixing smooth vocals and slight rapping give the fast moving guitar leads extra strength. An absolute fun record, if you haven't heard it yet then do yourself a favor.
Listen Here

Foreign Fields - What You Kept In Hiding
What I Kept In Hiding cover art 
Release Date: March 11th, 2015
Genre: Folk
Price: $5.99
For Fans Of: Sufjan Stevens, The Sky Life, Ben Howard, Bon Iver, Son Lux
Recommended Tracks: I Have Your Weapons, Little Lover, Subtle Weight, Hold Me Down
Foreign Fields' What I Kept In Hiding is a very soft, delicate record. Their mixture of folk and electronic elements are sparse, but are absolutely powerful when used in full swing. The softness and delicacy is emotional, with very dreamy guitar leads moving elegantly about the small beeps and synth work of the instrumentals. Tracks like I Have Your Weapons and Subtle Weight are especially vulnerable thanks to their vocalist. Honestly this is a record you'll have to listen to yourself, but if you like Bon Iver or Sufjan Stevens in the slightest, you will love this.
Listen Here

Giles Cory - Giles Cory
Giles Corey cover art 
Release Date: March 1st, 2011
Genre: Slowcore/Black Folk
Price: $5.00
For Fans Of: Have A Nice Life, The Horse Museum, Mount Eerie, Carissa's Wierd
Recommended Tracks: The Haunting Presence, Graves Filled With Books, I'm Going To Do It, A Sleeping Heart, Buried Above Ground
Not to be confused with the accused witch of the same name, Giles Cory is the side project of Have A Nice Life's vocalist Dan Barret based around the legend of accused witch Giles Cory. Dark is a nice way to put how desolate this record is. Instrumentally, the record is black as night with sparse guitar arrangements, heavy industrial noise, and weak vocals that explore the topics of death and depression through the projected lens of the accused witch himself. Very interesting, and very sad, if you like slowcore of any kind then be sure to give this one a browse.
Listen Here
Rainbow Danger Club - Where Maps End
Where Maps End cover art 
Release Date: March 19th, 2011
Genre: Progressive Rock
Price: FREE
For Fans Of: N/A
Recommended Tracks: Live on Photographs, Drown the Creatures, To Where The Maps End, Enduring Love, We Can Be Friends
What can you really expect from a band named Rainbow Danger Club? If you said quirky prog rock that blends a dizzying amount of other genres and styles into the mix then you are correct! Your prize is a free album from the band named Where Maps End. This one hour rock opera is filled to the brim with prog rock, opera rock, electronics, cheer vocals, dream pop, random bleep boop sounds, falsetto, ect, ect, ect and its amazing. Enjoy!
Listen Here

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Week 003 - 05/13/16

Open Mike Eagle - Dark Comedy
Release Date: June 10th, 2014
Genre: Hip Hop
Price: $9.99
For Fans Of: Busdriver
Recommended Tracks: Dark Comedy Morning Show, Qualifiers, Doug Stamper, Idaho, Deathmate Black, Big Pretty Bridges
Open Mike Eagle does "nerd hop" right. His mixture of odd references and lines going over the most mundane elements of everyday life propell his work into the realm of ultimate relatability for the more "out of place" people of society in often hilarious quips and bitter irony. Production also lends his work strength with odd and cute melodies that give every bit of the record a strong, joyous kick. One of my favorites of the genre, so don't miss out!
Stream Here

Sturgill Simpson - Metamodern Sounds in Country
Release Date: May 13th, 2014
Genre: Country/Psychedellia
Price: $7.99
For Fans Of: N/A
Recommended Tracks: Turtles All The Way Down, Life of Sin, Long White Line, Just Let Go, It Ain't All Flowers
Ignore any negative thoughts you corrolate to the "country" genre tag and let yourself get lost in this wonder of a record. Sturgill Simpson is quite simply one of the most shining, brilliant artists in a genre that gets overwhelming criticism for the lack thereof. Metamodern immerses itself with the formalities of country music and extends its scope to the realm of psychedellic rock in an absolute, spaced-out amtospheric tour-de-force. Rarely do I recommend specific tracks in write ups, but It Ain't All Flowers is a stunner.
Stream Here

Kardashev - Peripety
Release Date: October 30th, 2015
Genre: Deathcore/Progressive Metal
Price: $8.00
For Fans Of: Aegaeon, Fallujah, First Fragment
Recommended Tracks: Sopor, Somnus, Lucido, Umbra, Lux
Hell of a metal album that flew under the radar, unfortunately. Peripety finds quite a treasure trove in the eye of the storm with a stunning clash of melodic guitar leads, absolute grimy riffs, space-y electronic elements, and some of the hardest hitting vocals I've heard on a metal record. Drop any pretenses you form from genre tags and just give this beauty a chance.
Stream Here

Ugly Heroes - Ugly Heroes
Release Date: May 21st, 2013
Genre: Hip Hop
Price: $9.99
For Fans Of: The Dopplegangaz, The Left, Diamond District, The Mello Music Group
Recommended Tracks: Desperate ,Good Things Die, Long Drive Home, Graves, Take It or Leave It, Just Relax, This Is Life
The collaboration project between Apollo Brown, Verbal Kent, and Red Pill. Apollo Brown's production of jazz and soul bleeds beautifully into the suburan soundscape and quite perfectly captures the essence of the themes of fianancial struggle and the coldness of being on the bottom end of society. This record is quite the banger, as the cool kids say.
Stream here

XYBP - Dodge and Burn
Release Date: June 21st, 2012
Genre: Lo-Fi/Punk
Price: FREE
For Fans Of: N/A
Recommended Tracks: Grey, Sun Beat Heart, Cut The Lights
A fine little four track lo-fi EP that has quite the infectious ear for melodies under the layers of bedroom production fuzz. Elements of soft vocal layering and indie pop-ish guitar leads drive the power of the hard hitting percussion and it all sounds swell.
Stream Here

Monday, May 9, 2016

Week 003 - 05/09/16

Kings of the City - No Guts/No Glory
No Guts EP cover artNo Glory EP cover art 
Release Date: July 19th, 2013
Genre: Rap/Grime/Rock
Price: £5 Each ($14.40)
For Fans Of: N/A
Recommended Tracks: Mad Men, Haribos, The Devil, Please Tell Me, Holloway Hotel, Grave Digger
 The No Guts and No Glory EPs were the final releases by the UK collective Kings of the City before the passing of group vocalist, Danny Wilder. Perhaps the tone of these EPs, incredibly dark and dreary, reflect the final state of the group before their post-momentum disbandment just two years later. No Guts/No Glory found Kings of the City at their absolute best between songwriting and lyricism. The group's unique mixture of grime and blues lends itself to absolutely gorgeous instrumental passages that incorporate smooth moving acoustics and hard hitting electric basslines. Meanwhile the chemistry between vocalist Danny Wilder and MCs Koken and Ali-Bla-Bla cement the energy into a concisely packed package of two solid EPs.
    Listen Here and Here

All Human - Teenagers, You Don't Have to Die
Teenagers, You Don't Have To Die cover art 
Release Date: March 18th, 2016
Genre: Alternative Rock/Pop Rock
Price: $10.00
For Fans Of: Fear Before, Third Eye Blind, Brand New, Why?, Thrice, Sparklehorse
Recommended Tracks: Headless Friends, A Healthy Fear of Women, Desert Fox Cubs, I'm Afraid, Asleep on the Church Steps

Don't let the odd song names fool you, there is absolutely nothing silly about Teenagers, You Don't Have to Die; which is one of the most beautiful records of the year. All Human pool resources from just about every corner of the indie scene from over the years to create a full on crock pot of rock music that can find itself sounding like a folk track from Sparklehorse to a post hardcore banger from Brand New or Trophy Scars. Much of the creative talent of this record finds itself in the guitar work, which expands its limits to finding a perfect blend of atmospheric melodies and pop rock leads. Not to mention the large variety of guest vocalists that give many of the tracks unique personality behind their already strong song-writing.
Listen Here

 Fox Stevenson - All This Time
All This Time EP cover art 
Release Date: May 26th, 2014
Genre: House/DnB
Price: £5 ($7.20)
For Fans Of: Pendulum, Muzzy, Virtual Riot, Savant, Xilent
Recommended Tracks: All This Time, Out There, Crystal
 Fox Stevenson has always been a lively face in the "EDM" industry for his happy-go-lucky vocal/rock infused flavor of drum and bass. Odd as it may be however, the record that sees him deviating from that style the most just so happens to be his best work. All This Time finds a blend between his wild, sharp tuned synths and cleaner, liquid-flavored pop sensibilities for a record that blurs the lines between electronic music and pop music. From the loud and hard hitting DnB opening title track to the stunning closer which blends in tropical house with more traditional styles of the house genre, this album sees an odd variety of styles and genres at play that all oddly work for a fun, yet different, EDM record.
Listen Here

 Holy Ghost - Crime Cutz
Crime Cutz cover art 
Release Date: April 29th, 2016
Genre: Electronica
Price: $5.00
For Fans Of: Depeche Mode, Mystery Skulls, Neon Indian, The Presets, LCD Soundsystem, Tame Impala
Recommended Tracks: Crime Cutz, Stereotype, Footsteps
 Vintage electronica that marries synth pop grooves with the heavy electro-riffing of electronica's past. Layered vocal melodies and 80s throwback grooves seamlessly complement one another for a strong, energetic foundation while the light crunch of the percussion gives it that perfect kick to make things move with heavy life. The lyrics that are tinged with light irony also help give the album a much more distinct personality from other acts performing in a similar style. A fine, bite-sized EP to help kick off the summer relaxations.

Signor Benedick the Moor - El Negro
El Negro cover art 
Release Date: September 24th, 2013
Genre: Hip Hop/Experimental
Price: FREE
For Fans Of: Clipping, Open Mike Eagle, Milo, Death Grips, Danny Brown
Recommended Tracks: The Tragic Tale of Bisen Fransisco, Call of the Wild, Belladonna, Mouth of the Beast, Errybody's A DJ, The Iconic Chronic Colonic, .//End
 El Negro is as dark as dark can get with some of the most depressing and nihilistic lines being torn apart through the industrial equivalent of a meat grinder. Signor finds refuge in the rough-around-the-edge industrial beats and alarming guitar leads and joins right in the chaotic chorus with sinister energy that screams (quite literally, mind you) with despair. There are of course moments of quiet clarity, where there is solid resolve; however, this album shines with the rays of depression that encompass an incredibly unknown hip hop record worth your time.
Listen Here

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Week 002 - 05/06/16

The Paper Chase - Now You Are One Of Us
Release Date: June 6th, 2006
Genre: Pop Rock/Alternative
Price: $7.00
For Fans Of: Xiu Xiu, Future of the Left, The Dismemberment Plan, Foxy Shazam
Recommended Tracks: We Know Where You Sleep, Wait Until I Get My Hands On You, You Will never Take Me Alive, You're One Of Them Aren't You?
The Paper Chase are most likely the one and only horror-themed pop rock band in existince. Simply put, these guys know how to tug at the strings in the most vile of ways through pure disgust. This album is unsettling. Instrumentals are complete claustrophobic with a constant, brutal barrage of horror movie samples and distorted instrumentals that intentionally hit the notes off-key as if to breath sinister life into John Congleton's anxious vocals. There simply is no other band out there who does what these guys do, and you should be thankful for that.

Ordinance - The Ides of March
Release Date: Feburary 26th, 2016
Genre: Tech Metal/Melodic Death Metal
Price: $12.00
For Fans Of: Faceless, Necrophagist, The Zenith Passage
Recommended Tracks: Of The Fatherland, Heir Avid, Silent Senate, 23 Wounds, Winter Canvas, Remedy
Ordinance's second effort, a 17 track powerhouse conceptually covering the assasination plot of Julius Ceaser, finds the death metal band at their absolute best. Mike Smesky's vocals, a consistent wonder for previous acts, stings hard at their strongest and clearest as he seamlessly transitions from harshes and cleans through heavy hitting riffs that aren't afraid of lending themselves to some pop sensibilities. Techincal elements don't overwhelm or bore on this record either, as the band ensures there are enough interesting melodies or ideas to keep the album consistently fresh through the long runtime. Just a hard hitting, fun record.

i am robot and proud - The Electricity In Your House Wants to Sing
Release Date: October 10th, 2006
Genre: Electronic/Pop
Price: $7.99
For Fans Of: De De Mouse, Serph, Aivi and Surasshu
Recommended Tracks: When I Get My Ears, The Work, The Scholars and The Travelers, Good Sleep
The Electricity In Your House Wants to Sing is simply put: The most adorable album you will ever hear. Robot's production finds a blanance between minimalism and pop that just bounces around with a overwhelmingly giddy energy in a sugary sweet, sparkly soundscape. Of course, adorableness is only one of the records many fine qualities as there is also a surprisingly large amount of sophisication between the quietly reserved percussion and synthwork that gives the album an absolute shining personality. An outstanding record all aroumd.

Can't Swim - Death Deserves a Name
Release Date: Feburary 26th, 2016
Genre: Pop Punk
Price: $4.99
For Fans Of: Seaway, Foxing, The Wonder Years, Blink 182
Recommended Tracks: Your Clothes, Come Home, Right Choice, Death Deserves A Name
Can't Swim's newest EP is a surprisingly solid effort despite what the genre tag may suggest. Your Clothes opens the EP with an absolute bang with low-tuned guitars dropping a hard riff through the verses that constnalty diverge into an absolutly catchy refrain. The other tracks follow similar suit by introducing some small, but effective effects and sounds that keep the formality of the cheer-chorus format fresh.

Car Seat Headrest - How To Leave Town
Release Date: October 31st, 2014
Genre: Alternative/Lo-Fi/Folk
Price: Free
For Fans Of: Eels, flatsound, Coma Cinema, Microphones, Teen Suicide
Recommended Tracks: Ending of Dramamine, Kimochi Warui, You're In Love With Me, America, I Wan't To Know That You're Awake, Hey! Space Cadet!
Car Seat Headrest have seemed to explode on the indie scene as of late, their later efforts have been met with insane critical acclaim and their second label record is dropping later this month. How To Leave Town, their fourth record, is possibly my favorite of their library. In a way, this group sounds like Mark Everett if he spent his days producing folk music in his basement. How To Leave Town carries an anxious energy behind the haze of fuzzy vocal limiters and punchy, synthetic drum percussion. With the length of their songs doubling on this record, there is also a very expansive pallet of sounds they explore between folk and light post-rock flavoring. A great record to chill to in the late hours of the night.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Track of a Day 001 - Unbreakable (Hyper Potions)

Release Date: April 25th, 2016
Genre: Tropic House
Price: $1.29

With summer creeping around the corner we need a song for the seasonal relaxations, right? Unbreakable, the newest from Kevin Villecco and Sushi Killer, is Monstercat's "official" tropic house release (ignoring Project 46's Signs) featuring the lovely vocals of veteran vocalist Danyka Nadeau. The track featured a very easy going combination of wonky synth breaks and subtle vocal chops with an incredibly classy acoustic guitar lead between the verses. There is no doubt that this song will be a staple in my rotation this coming summer and it certainly should be one in your playlist, too. 

Monday, May 2, 2016

Week 002 - 05/02/16

Little Simz - A Curious Tale of Trials + Persons
Release Date: October 30th, 2015
Genre: Rap
Price: £9 GBP ($13.60)
For Fans Of: Kano, Goldlink, Earl Sweatshirt
Recommended Tracks: Wings, Tainted, Dead Body, Full or Empty?
Little Simz recounts her trials of being looked down upon in the industry for being a woman with one of the boldest and most confident hip hop records in quite a while. "Woman can be kings" is the hook and Simz proves this statement to be true with a soaring performance that flexes her techincal ability (Dead Body) with her genuinely touching songwriting (God Bless Mary). In a day and age where social issues are now at the media front stage, there are voices that need to be heard more than ever, and Simz is just one of those many people worth your time and respect.
Stream Here

Saturday Morning Soundtrack - Saturday Morning Soundtrack
Release Date: Novemember 16th, 2006
Genre: Rap
Price: $9.00
For Fans Of: Eyedea, Sadistik, Aesop Rock, Eminem
Recommended Tracks: Aborted Birth Defect, Rope Burn, Unnoticed, Play Dead Til They Kill You
The Saturday Morning Soundtrack sounds less like a rap record and more like the journal of a man in a schizophrenic breakdown. Claustaphobic, industrial production pierces and stabs between absolutely horrifying and gloomy imagery of paranoia in one of the most genuienly unnerving hip hop albums of all time.
Stream Here

School of Seven Bells - SVIIB
Release Date: February 26, 2016
Genre: Dream Pop
Price: $8.50
For Fans Of: Purity Ring, Carly Rae Jepson, M83, CHVRCHES
Recommended Tracks: Ablaze, On My Heart, A Thousand Times More, Confusion
 Written and recorded in memory of fellow member Benjamin Curtis, who had unfortunately passed just three years ago from lymphoma. The final record from School of Seven Bells explodes with a passion that simply cannot be captured in any other way except in death. Crisp production lends itself to Deheza's glossy vocals for a perfect blend of emotion as subject matter explores the pain that was Benjamin's illness. This album is a heartbreaking beast, so be prepared for a feels trip. 

Rob Crow's Gloomy Place - Your Doomed. Be Nice.
Release Date: March 4th, 2016
Genre: Indie Rock
Price: $9.00
For Fans Of: Troubled Hubble, Team Sleep, Pinback, Heavy Vegetable
Recommended Tracks: Business Interrupts, Paper Doll Parts, No Shadow Left Behind, Red: Alone
Rob Crow's return to the indie rock scene after his... hiatus...
Your Doomed. Be Nice. also happens to be the first time Rob has performed with a band since his split from Pinback in 2012. What were given is a very odd indie rock record that emphasizes simplistic melodies that verge into more unconventional levels of presentation. As in, the record sounds very minimalistic. This is not a detraction, however, as Rob Crow and his merry group of a band know how to take the simplicity and drive it home with some of the catchiest hooks you'll hear from an indie record this year.
Stream Here

Why These Coyotes - Why These Coyotes?
Release Date: May 17th, 2016
Genre: Alt Rock/Psychedelic Rock
Price: Free
For Fans Of: The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Fleetwood Mac
Recommended Tracks: A Man Before Time, Silver Shoes, Friendly Faces, The Wild
Some curious mixture of Pink Floyd and Bob Welch-era Fleetwood Mac. Very smooth and dreamy psychedelic rock that doesn't fear to lend itself towards crazier composition choices. For example, Friendly Faces starts off with a synthetic organ intro before delving into a slow moving guitar lead that carries the track through a dream-like trance before finding itself crashing into a heavily layered electric guitar solo that is just absolutely gorgeous. This is a record you'll have to check out yourself, but you won't regret it.
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