Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Week 009 - 07/20/2016

Week 009 - Sure its still week nine. I sincerely apologize for the lack of updates, computer issues generally bogged down my ability to continue this blog. But for the most part that hurdle is out of the way so updates should return to a consistent Monday/Friday schedule. Enjoy this selection, some of my favorites are on here. 

Jack O' the Clock - All My Friends
Release Date: March 15th, 2013
Genre: Avant Folk/Prog Folk
Price: $9.00
For Fans Of: Gentle Giant, Peter Gabriel
Recommended Tracks: All My Friends Are Dead, A Lot Of People Are Dead Wrong, The Pilot, Disaster, Old Friends In A Hole, All My Friends Are In My Head
I relate to the title track of this record, as all my friends ARE dead. Life is lonely. All My Friends is a modern folk record mixed with various 70s prog rock bands. The end product is an interesting concept album that is chocked full of a full string assemble that mix classical elements and contemporary southern influence with the technical work of the aforementioned 70s prog rock bands. An incredibly compelling record, this one is easily worth the price of admission and a quick browse from anyone remotely interested in the progressive rock genre. 

Son Lux - Stranger Forms
Release Date: June 17th, 2016
Genre: Electronic/Folk
Price: $7.00
For Fans Of: Sufjan Stevens
Recommended Tracks: You Don't Own Me, Redone, We Are The One, Breathe
Son Lux' newest release is a collection or re-recordings of his previous LP, Bones. Each of the tracks featured here have been completely reconstructed with a massive overhaul in lyrics, sound design, and instrumentals. What you get is an excellent record that has enough dynamics to stand out as an individual release as opposed to a novel extension of it's predecessor. All I can say is that "You Don't Own Me" is a jam and a half with the sexy trumpet assemble added into the mix. Give it a look if you're unfamiliar with Son Lux' work.
Stream Here

verydeadly - Courteous Spector
Release Date: July 1st, 2016
Genre: Art Pop
Price: $6.66
For Fans Of: Thom Yorke, Peter Silberman, Sufjan Stevens
Recommended Tracks: Patchwork, Courteous Spector, To Those Little Eyes, The Lucky, Back Again?, To Death, Wink Blink Flutter Bat
verydeadly's latest release is a dreamy, heavenly pop record that shares an incredibly disturbing resemblance to Thom Yorke's vocal work. On this record, guitars and "sparkly" keys litter the soundscape with a intricate mannerism and elegancy that suits the softly sung, heavily drawn out vocal work of the project's vocalist. Incredibly pleasing and beautiful for the ears, this record is a piece of ear candy everyone should check out. 

Igorrr - Hallelujah
Release Date: December 21st, 2012
Genre: Breakcore/Metal
Price: €9 ($9.91 USD)
For Fans Of: Ruby My Dear
Recommended Tracks: Tout Petit Moineau, Absolute Psalm, Lullaby For a Fat Jellyfish, Corpus Tristis, Infinite Loops
Oh Igorrr, how does one describe thee? Insane? Chaotic? Nonsensical cob salad of every genre and sound you can think of? I don't know if anyone calls this record a "cob salad" per se, but it's an apt description of what Hallelujah is. An insane, absolute "anything-goes" project that blends passages of opera with percussion heavy breakcore and metal. Though to further extend the insanity, screams, devastating drum blasts, and... chicken noises... are thrown in the mix to let everyone know that Igorrr isn't playing around. This record is such a beautiful storm of chaos that you can't keep your eyes away from the scatterbrained display Igorrr puts on, and with a keen knack for masterful production, it makes this record an absolute must.
Stream Here

Corey Palmer - Love Trade
Release Date: Janurary 27th, 2015
Genre: Indie Pop
Price: FREE
For Fans Of: Broken Bells
Recommended Tracks: Records, Slow Reactor, It's All You Know, All the Signs, Get Real
Corey Palmer's debut EP is an interesting collection of tracks with an even more interesting sound design. An indie pop record with heavy electronica elements, this EP offers quite an interesting variety sonically with percussion, pianos, and synths being textured in such a heavenly matter. Corey Palmer's soft vocals also provide an equally interesting addition to the albums overall sound. Hard to adequately describe, but give "Records" a quick listen and see what I mean. This is without doubt a promising project.
Stream Here - Don't forget to support Corey Palmer by throwing a few coins his way or sharing with friends! A little free music keeps the world spinning. <3

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