Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Week 010 - 7/26/2016

Tiny Moving Parts - Celebrate
Release Date: May 20th, 2016
Genre: Pop Punk/Emo
Price: £6 ($7.90)
For Fans Of: Snowing, Brave, Dads
Recommended Tracks: Common Cold, Stay Warm, Breathe Deep, Minnesota
Tiny Moving Parts are that one 'emo' band that blends technicality and pop into some odd homunculus of 'shout along' tracks that stay in the membrane for days on end. Even when exploring depression and anxiety and all the like-wise thematics, you can't really help but tap a foot and shout a few lines alongside the quick moving instruments and energetic production. As odd as that may be. Arguably the most fun 'depression' record of the year.
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Thao with the Get Down Stay Down - Know Better Learn Faster
Release Date: October 13th, 2009
Genre: Alternative/Indie Pop
Price: $7.00
For Fans Of: Laura Stevenson, The Dodos, Andrew Bird, Of Montreal
Recommended Tracks: Cool Yourself, When We Swarm, Good Bye Good Luck, Oh No, Burn You Up, Easy
Thao and The Get Down Stay Down have explored many different styles since their formation a decade ago. On this particular record, they've taken the fun indie pop path and the result is a well played record that puts complexity in the backseat for soft, layered pop music that excites and emphasizes quality over quantity.
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Release Date: Feburary 9th, 2016
Genre: Experimental Hip Hop
Price: $3.00
For Fans Of: Arca, Clarence Clarity, Young Fathers
Recommended Tracks: Graace, Pretty Girl, Ble$$ings, Purgatory4u, Hal0, Gloat
Without a doubt the weirdest record I've heard all year. Take the production of pre-2012 Arca and throw it through a hip-hop filter sprinkled with semi-subtle lyricism of vacant faith. The result is FLANCH. Glitchy production and vocals that find itself thrown through vocoders and pitch shifting filters, the production here is surprisingly on point. Finding room for variety and cohesion from the seemingly random, and chaotic soundscape. However, its fitting, finding room to encapsulate the feelings of having a large aspect of your life, that being the religious upbringing, suddenly become absent from your mindset. And just like FLANCH say, "For the rest of you, just known FLANCH is putting out some hot tracks."
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Super BorgBoy - Kill Alpha Male
Release Date: June 17th, 2016
Genre: Electronic/Synthwave
Price: $6.00
For Fans Of: Perturbator
Recommended Tracks: M-City Morning Star, Conflict At Cafe Do Rei, Gatekeeper's Network, Two Codes Combine, Escape From Western Tower
Sent in by the man behind Super BorgBoy himself, this little collection of lightly synthwave flavored electronica is an excellent, relaxing electronic record that emphasizes warm melodies and pleasing samples to paint a futuristic city landscape. This record utilizes the best suited synthwork to be extremely pleasing and exciting and there really isn't much more to ask for. Enjoy it!
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elephantelephone - Sam's Bedroom
Release Date: December 3rd, 2010
Genre: Folk/Singer-Songwriter Stuff
Price: FREE
For Fans Of: Jeff Rosenstock
Recommended Tracks: Going Home, I Should Have Known, On The Radio, Stephanie, She Said She Fell
Quirky folksy pop music that carries a lot of charm with the mostly straight-forward nature of a guy playing a guitar. The soundscape is accompanied with the reserved inclusion of harmonicas, piano, and saxophones that give the tracks of this record some well included life and fun. Add that with some incredibly catchy hooks and morbid lyrics and you get an aptly hilarious, heartfelt, and downright exciting record from a sadly obscure act.
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