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Week 011 - 9/04/2016

Week 011 (sure) - Trying a ten a week format, because I've found it hard to write two separate entries a week either because of outside forces or lacking motivation. Yeah. 

Emptyself - Emptyself
Release Date: May 27th, 2005
Genre: Downtempo/Acoustic
Price: $7.00
For Fans Of: A Perfect Circle
Recommended Tracks: None Except You, Open Landscape, Doll Faced Vulture, Forget Me Please,  24 Waves
Emptyself's debut record is somewhere between the standard for electroacoustic records and heavy leaning inspiration from the works of Maynard in both presentation and vocal delivery. The result is an incredibly solid effort with soft, comforting vocals moving cautiously through cold, sparse production that has an overly mechanical feel to reflect the thematics of 'emptiness' the record conveys. An excellent listen with comforting ballads and beautiful interludes, this is one of the many you won't want to miss.
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Le Matos - Join Us
Release Date: May 16th, 2013
Genre: Synthwave/Techno
Price: $10.00
For Fans Of: Carpenter Brut
Recommended Tracks: King's Filth, Interceptor, Montrose, Molly, The Stuff, Sarah
Le Matos' Join Us LP is a little different from many records that fall under the 'synthwave' tag. Here, the duo don't play the synthwave genre to its typical formality and find ground between genre fusion with the mixture of club-heavy techno production serving as a base for the synthwave elements to have a more progressive nature to their sound. This surprisingly results in a refreshing sound for the genre that knows how to reserve both elements to create groove-heavy, atmosphere thick, and straight up entertaining compositions.
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Yugen Blakrok - Return of the Astro​-​Goth
Release Date: October 21st, 2013
Genre: Rap
Price: $9.00
For Fans Of: Kool Keith, Nas
Recommended Tracks: Beastleague, House of Ravens, Secrets of the Path, Neo.Vader, LeftRightHand, Constellations
Yugen Blakrok's Return of the Astro-Goth is an excellent record that finds roots in underground hip hop scene of the 90s and early 2000s while maintaining a sense of modern footing. Production is absolute bliss with a mixture of organic instrumentals backing a reserved lounge-y feel that serves as a great backdrop for Yugen's performance, who's deep vocals and larger-than-earth lyricism gives her an authoritative, strong aura that further cements the quality of this album as a real diamond in the rough.
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Runaway Brother - Mother
Realease Date: March 32st, 2015
Genre: Indie Rock
Price: $5.00
For Fans Of: Brand New, The Hotelier, The Front Bottoms
Recommended Tracks: Moth, Hummingbird, Catch, 
Mother is one of those indie rock, emo-y records that are so vibrant and lively with shout vocals and bouncy guitar lines that you can't help but wonder if anyone is actually happy or horribly depressed because the lyricism completely suggests otherwise. But I guess thats a lesser concern, as this is another finely tuned slice of shout-along emo music that you're having too much fun with the remember that life is terrible.
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No Sir - The Future Is Bright
Release Date: August 13th, 2013
Genre: Hardcore
Price: FREE
For Fans Of: N/A
Recommended Tracks: The Future is Bright, The Crowd, CALIFORNIA, I Doubt You'll Ever Swing Again, I Pushed Back Violently, Bad Vibes, Momma I'm A Good Boy
Yeah this record is pretty pumping. Hardcore/punk that uses vocal distortion and loud mixing to further pump out that anti-authority "set stuff on fire" attitude and it works pretty darn well for this record. Compsoition is heavy and fun and despite the loud mixing every instrument is still distinct enough to have a stake in the overall forray which only further shows that this album is far more competent than contemporaries. If you're angry and pissed off, then let this album be the soundtrack to the destruction of your room.
Stream Here - Don't forget to support No Sir by throwing a few coins their way or sharing with friends!

Young Fathers - Dead
Release Date: February 14th, 2014
Genre: Soul/Hip-Hop
Price: $10.00
For Fans Of: Massive Attack
Recommended Tracks: Now Way, Low, War, Get Up, Dip, Hangman, I've Arrived
Young Fathers are awesome. A combination of soul, hip-hop, and heavy electronic elements all three come together for an absolutely beautiful and tense record that hits with a reserved sophistication that saves its massive punches for just a few rare tracks, but absolutely devastate when all hands are on deck. Such as closing track I've Arrived that pounds with a blaring alarm synth and loud bangs of the drum to the tune of baritone rapping and luscious "soul" vocals. Other tracks experiment dance-y style beats and pleasing soul/rap hybrid presentation that makes this record absolutely incredible.
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yourboyfriendsucks! - Episode 01
Release Date: May 6th, 2016
Genre: Dream Pop
Price: $6.00
For Fans Of: The Cranberries, Asobi Seksu, A Sunny Day in Glasgow, Hop Along
Recommended Tracks: Just Like Honey, DIU x3, Stay/Stayaway, 波兰首都是上海, All Your Secrets
Rude band name aside, as I bet many of your boyfriends are great people, Episode 01 is an absolutely outstanding debut that has unfortunately found itself falling under the radar this year. This record is an up-beat dream pop release (that still lends itself to slower, sad songs mind you) that has some consistently great composition. Its songwriting blends slow interludes with warm, comforting fuzzy leads and an absolutely groovy bassline through each track. Meanwhile the group's vocalist has absolutely beautiful vocals that find footing on the softer crooning of The Cranberries. Don't miss out on this one, its absolutely killer.
Stream Here

Hop Along - Get Disowned
Release Date: May 5th, 2012
Genre: Alternative
Price: $10.00
For Fans Of: The Cranberries
Recommended Tracks: Some Grace, Tibetan Pop Stars, Diamond Mine, No Good Al Joad, Laments, Trouble Found Me, Young and Happy!, Get Disowned
Hop Along have always been a favorite of mine. My biggest draw to them being vocalist Frances Quinlan, who's rough and gruff vocal approach lends to some absolutely stunning performances in their work. And you see this no better than on debut record Get Disowned, one that I'm sure many are familiar with, but is one that demands recognition regardless. With a soundscape that jumps between alternative rock, indie pop, very minor infractions of dream pop, and acoustic jamming; the band balances all of these elements and strike gold with an absolutely powerful and emotive record that gets a blend of fun composition and powerful, introspective lyrics that stick long after the album's runtime fades out. If for whatever reason you haven't heard this yet, then drop what you're doing and get on it as soon as possible.
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Marietta - Summer Death
Release Date: October 21st, 2013
Genre: Emo (of the Midwest variety)
Price: FREE
For Fans Of: Hightide Hotel
Recommended Tracks: ...So They left Me at a Gas Station, Cinco De Mayo Shit Show, Deck Wine, Ever Is A Long Time, Datoonie Is Big
Many say that this record is the best of the midwest emo scene of the broader umbrella that is 'emo revival'. And are those people correct? I don't know. I don't really listen to much music in the emo revival scene. Is this a pretty good record though? Yeah, it IS pretty great. What makes this record stand out are the majority instrumental leads that make up most of the albums run time. While nothing complex, they're always nice and warm, bringing comfort as an appetizer before delivering the "meat" of the record that would be the sadder, "yelling" delivery of the vocal tracks and lyrics. The overall tone of this record makes it a perfect one for late night browsing.
Stream Here - Don't forget to support Marietta by throwing a few coins their way or sharing with friends!

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